Month: August 2008

  • George Carlin on religion

    A couple of days ago, I was talking about how it was sad that some good people had to die so young. Well, George Carlin was a cantankerous old bastard, but it’s sad that he had to go too. Here’s one of his rants on religion that I find particularly amusing.

  • Software Development Meme

    I’m a sucker for an interesting meme. I picked this one up from a programming blog that I stumbled across. It’s apparently made its way around several blogs that belong to programmers. It’s kind of like those questionnaires that kids post in their MySpace bulletins. How old were you when you first started programming? I […]

  • Life just isn’t fair

    I was cruising around StumbleUpon this evening and came across a video of a lecture that Douglas Adams gave at the University of California – Santa Barbara several years ago. It was a long video, so I got up in the middle to have a snack, and as I was walking back to my desk, […]