Category: technology

  • Many homes on the web

    I was updating my media collection on Amazon today so that I can get better recommendations of new books to read, and I realized that I’ve got public profiles on a bunch of social networking sites. I thought I would try to keep better track of what they all are, and get rid of the […]

  • Day five of exercise program

    I think my bathroom scales must be broken. I weighed 283 this morning, and two days ago I weighed 277. But I did overeat again yesterday afternoon and evening. I really have to cut that out. Jake and I went running together this morning. I’m on Week 1, Day 3 of the Couch-to-5k running plan, […]

  • Software Development Meme

    I’m a sucker for an interesting meme. I picked this one up from a programming blog that I stumbled across. It’s apparently made its way around several blogs that belong to programmers. It’s kind of like those questionnaires that kids post in their MySpace bulletins. How old were you when you first started programming? I […]