I am forever sitting in parking lots while women shop. Today I am in the lot of the Harry Hines Trading Company. Jacob is asleep in the backseat while Jill and Michelle are inside. Jake’s team, the Gorillas, had a baseball game this morning that they lost 11-3. They had a game last night too that lasted until 11:00 so they were all tired this morning. It didn’t help any that the 1st base coach (me) let two of our runners get picked off. I don’t know what my problem was, but I was just frustrated and pissed at the umpires the whole time. Avoid playing ball in Blue Springs if you can avoid it, because the umpires are assholes who call people safe before they even get to the base. Well, the girls are back, with new purses, so time to go get Popeye’s chicken to take to Stacie’s birthday party. Happy 15th Birthday Stacie.