Willkommen to another day in the life of Trent. Sitting in the parking lot of the Price Chopper this time. Michelle and the kids are inside getting stuff to take over to her mom’s house tomorrow. We’re having a little get together for the holiday and to celebrate my brother-in-law Joe’s birthday. So I’m sitting out here smoking a cigar and listening to KPRS 103.3 (the local urban station). Well, Jake just sprinted across the lot with a cartful so G2G.

Hola. I’m sitting in the Walmart parking lot smoking a Swisher Sweet woodtip. Today was the kids’ last day of school. I remember how much fun the summer months were for me when I was their age. Walking to the convenience store to play pinball and buy a glass bottle of Dr. Pepper… Going swimming in the apartment complex’s pool darn near every day… Playing baseball out on the commons using anything we could find for bases… Dumpster diving for Playboys that we could hide in our clubhouse in an unused storage locker next to the building laundry room… Yeah, those were the days. I don’t think my childhood could have been any more idyllic. Not a tragedy in sight. I stayed innocent for a long time. I just hope like heck that I can have that for my kids. I’m not sure even what kind of job I’ve done in that regard so far. I just had an odd idea. It is amazingly self indulgent even by my low standards. I’m thinking that I ought to write down all my stories before I forget them. If I do a passable job getting them down then maybe I could even turn it into a book. The truth is though that that is unlikely to happen. I can’t even find time to keep my little blog up to date. Well, the girls are done shopping so we’re off to Chili’s for a late dinner. (Via hiptop). Hasta manana.