Month: March 2005

  • Zio’s

    Michelle is back from her trip to New Orleans, so we spent the evening at the mall and then had a late dinner at Zio’s. I think I would have been much happier staying home and cooking dinner. All this pointless shopping just drives me up a frickin’ wall. Isn’t once or twice a week […]

  • Spring Has Sprung

    So why does it still feel like winter? It actually snowed for a few hours today. The temperature was in the upper 30’s so it melted as soon as hit the ground. Baseball practice started last Friday, so we had a whole three-day gap between basketball season ending and baseball starting. The Gorillas are going […]

  • Car-riding Cat

      Jill has been forcing the cat to ride with us since he was a kitten when I take her to school. Uncharacteristically for a cat, Riley now seems to enjoy the ride. The only part he has trouble with is sliding off the dashboard when I take a turn.

  • Mexican pizza, yummy

    Here’s Michelle at Funhouse Pizza ordering one of my favorites: Mexican pizza. This culinary delight features diced tomatoes, jalapenos, and chorizo sausage. Tastes great but the heartburn is already killing me.

  • Going for a walk in the woods

    Here’s my dog Ollie. We went for a walk in the woods behind the house this morning. Maybe its just the time of year that causes peoples’ yards to look bad, but it seems as if many of my neighbors like to dump garbage and yard waste in their backyards. Friggin’ white trash.

  • Go Wildcats!

    Today was the second round of the playoffs for Jill’s basketball league. Jill scored one basket and made a few rebounds, but Spring Branch lost to Luff 29-7 to end the season with a record of 5-6. Here’s a picture of my dad and mom in the stands at Bridger Middle School.

  • My Sidekick Sucks

    I had spotty to non-existent data service from Danger and T-Mobile on my Sidekick for most of the last week, and now the built-in camera is jacked up too. There appears to be some sort of hardware defect where two cables can touch and short circuit if you put pressure on the wrong part of […]

  • Cliche

    What’s the point of having a blog if you can’t post pictures of your pets? This is Riley the cat wondering what Lucky the goldfish might taste like.

  • Superstar

    The apple doesn’t fall from the tree/He’s just as squirrelly as me. Here’s my 13-year-old son Jacob with the sunglasses his Grandma Wilson bought for him.

  • Doorknob

    I was bored yesterday so I took a picture of my doorknob.