Posting Via Sidekick Again

Posting via Sidekick again. I’m following Michelle around the grocery store. We’re getting dinner for tonight and meals for tomorrow. I actually get to have pizza rolls and watch Cops and America’s Most Wanted. It’s my guilty pleasure of a way to spend a Saturday evening but I haven’t been able to indulge lately with all the running around we have to do for the kids and other social events.
It looks like we’ll be having deli sandwiches and chips for lunch tomorrow, and venison steak with mashed potatoes and tomato gravy for dinner tomorrow. I wish I could find a better way to post via email. I have to bracket this entry with HTML pre tags because the line breaks created by the email software look funny otherwise.
Just got a call about the spring soccer season. Jacob will be playing in the competitive indoor league at Sports City on Tuesday evenings starting after Easter.
Time to check out. Later.