Month: February 2004

  • Sitting on the couch being a bum again. Watching MXC’s Most Extreme Challenge on SpikeTV. This show is hilarious. They take a Japanese game show and redub it with English dialogue that is full of scatalogical references and double entendre. Maybe you have to have a juvenile sensibility to enjoy this kind of thing, but […]

  • Hey, look, two nights in a row. I’m sitting in the living room watching Real Time with Bill Maher. I may not agree with every thing he says but at least he says rude things about the right-wing fundy schmucks. I watched 60 Minutes Sunday night and I have really tended to respect their journalistic […]

  • Hola. I just promised myself that I would make an entry in my blog everyday of at least one sentence. So here is today’s entry. This will no longer be my online journal. I was too self-censoring to make it worthwhile, and I was too absorbed with the concern that I write for a full […]