Sitting on the couch being a bum again. Watching MXC’s Most Extreme Challenge on SpikeTV. This show is hilarious. They take a Japanese game show and redub it with English dialogue that is full of scatalogical references and double entendre. Maybe you have to have a juvenile sensibility to enjoy this kind of thing, but Jacob and his friends don’t even understand most of the jokes. Even without the English dubs, I have serious concerns about the sanity of the Japanese people.

Hey, look, two nights in a row. I’m sitting in the living room watching Real Time with Bill Maher. I may not agree with every thing he says but at least he says rude things about the right-wing fundy schmucks. I watched 60 Minutes Sunday night and I have really tended to respect their journalistic integrity in the past, but their piece on the evangelicals’ views on Revelations and Armageddon just really burned my britches. Their idea of balance is to talk to the liberal Baptist from the Harvard Theological Seminary. They acted like the Bible deserved respect as prophecy and it was just a difference of interpretation. Where were the skeptics who could tell you about the endtimes stories in every myth-system, and could tell you about how prophesies are formulated and interpreted, and who could talk about how and why Revelations was written, and about the dangers of provoking war in the Middle East in order to bring about the Rapture? I’m no expert but I could’ve done a better job refuting these fundy nutbags than anyone they bothered to interview. As extreme as they seemed in the report, they are even more extreme than that and good old Morley wasn’t nearly as attack dog as he could have been. Well, enough of that. Talk to y’all tomorrow.

Hola. I just promised myself that I would make an entry in my blog everyday of at least one sentence. So here is today’s entry. This will no longer be my online journal. I was too self-censoring to make it worthwhile, and I was too absorbed with the concern that I write for a full 15 minutes. Too hell with that. This will be short dispatches from your loyal correspondent, and not some ind depth tripe dredged up from my perverted mind. It’s cold and snowy here in the heartland as I stand outside the local elementary school where Jill has basketball practice. I can certainly see why climatologists have such a difficult time selling the theory of global warming. My poor dog has had to be inside for a couple of weeks now because the weather has been so unusually cold that his water dish freezes within a couple of hours. Science may have the epistemological virtue of empiricism, but when science is counter-intuitive it has a hard row to hoe.