Hola. I just promised myself that I would make an entry in my blog everyday of at least one sentence. So here is today’s entry. This will no longer be my online journal. I was too self-censoring to make it worthwhile, and I was too absorbed with the concern that I write for a full 15 minutes. Too hell with that. This will be short dispatches from your loyal correspondent, and not some ind depth tripe dredged up from my perverted mind. It’s cold and snowy here in the heartland as I stand outside the local elementary school where Jill has basketball practice. I can certainly see why climatologists have such a difficult time selling the theory of global warming. My poor dog has had to be inside for a couple of weeks now because the weather has been so unusually cold that his water dish freezes within a couple of hours. Science may have the epistemological virtue of empiricism, but when science is counter-intuitive it has a hard row to hoe.

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