The Hotel Bar

The hotel bar
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Hey y’all. There was nothing good on TV upstairs in the hotel room, I didn’t feel like reading, and I’m not ready for bed, so here I am at a bar called Chaddick’s in the Plano, Texas Marriott. The place kind of reminds me of the hotel bar in “Lost in Translation”. I feel like Bill Murray in that I’m sitting here lonely watching all these other groups of people socializing. (There is even a bit of the language barrier thing. The Guatemalan bartender is talking to the lady a few stools down in Spanish telling her how to get to a bar in Dallas. The bars in Plano close at midnight, but Dallas bars close at 2:00.)
The television is playing Best Damn Sports Show Period on Fox Sports but the sound is turned off so its just a bunch of talking heads making funny faces. I wish that they had Comedy Central on the TV in the room, but they only have about 25 channels from the satellite.
I would go swimming but the pool closed at 11:00. It’s a nice pool up on the roof, with a whirlpool too.
I guess I’ll just finish my beer and go back upstairs and read some more of “Altered Carbon”, a science fiction book that recommended for people who like Neal Stephenson. I’ve read all the books that Neal Stephenson has written so far, so I figured I would try something similar to his stuff.
There is apparently some sort of big soccer tournament in town. There are about a half dozen women soccer players sitting next to me trying to figure out where to party tonight. I feel bad about stereotyping but about half of them look like lesbians to me.
There is an old guy (60?) next to me drinking a Dewars and water. Yuck. Give it to me straight up or don’t bother.
A British guy is getting loaded with some friends over at a table. He has on a Homer Simpson t-shirt that extols the virtues of alcohol.
There are an oddly large number of foreigners in this city. I’m guessing that it is related to the large number of corporate headquarters and technology companies in Plano.
Too much information… One of the soccer chicks is talking about the slurping sound that a breast pump makes.
Time to pay and go.