Month: October 2003

  • Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween. We’re getting ready to go over to my sister Leisha’s house in about an hour. It is becoming a tradition. This will be the third or fourth year we’ve gone over there. Mom, Dad, and my other sister Vanessa go over as well. The kids show off their costumes and we have some […]

  • Well, it’s confirmed. I have no self-discipline whatsoever. My plan was to add to this blog on a daily basis, and here it is 5 days later. Oops. Anyway, I’m back. I am facing the usual problem of having too much to write about and not knowing where to start. I guess that is the […]

  • Gary Marietta

    My dad’s cousin Gary Marietta passed away this morning. He was 54 years old and the victim of a heart attack. His mother, my 92-year-old great aunt Charlotte, took him to the hospital around midnight last night and around 3 a.m. he died. Gary was a unique and important part of the extended Douthat clan. […]

  • This blog is basically going to be my online journal. The style of my journal, modus operandi of my writing, is that I write 15 minutes straight without stopping. I don’t prepare an outline in advance, I just write for that period of time. I learned that style from a book by Dorothea Brande called […]

  • Hi

    Hi. My name is Trent Douthat. I am a 36-year-old computer programmer from Independence, Missouri. I’ve kept a journal for a number of years, and I’ve harbored a pipe-dream of becoming a writer since 1986. So, here I am keeping my journal in a public place which I guess makes my pipe-dream come true. I […]