20:26 Hello. I’m wandering through the grocery store behind michelle. We just left the hospital (research medical center) where we were visiting brandon. He got stabbed twice at a party last night at his girlfriends apartment. He turns 21 next week. His brother scott got stabbed last year at a party out in Blue Springs. These boys trouble avoidance radar needs some fine tuning. Whoa michelle is rushing across the store to get a birthday card for her sister Billie. She turns 38 tomorrow and we’re having dinner in her honor at Bill and Glenda’s (my in-laws) at 3:00, so we’re also here buying pasta salad to take with us. Jill is spending the night at a friend’s house tonight for a birthday slumber party. Jacob is sitting at home whining about being hungry, but he didn’t want to come the hospital with us so he has to wait until we get home for me to make him a Chef Boyardee pizza. Michelle is still perusing the cards. I wonder what kind of message she’s looking to send this year, funny or sappy. Ah, she’s done… Here we go across the store again. They are playing oldies over the speaker system here at the price chopper. Pop stuff from the 50s and 60s. Looks like we’re getting in line to pay. Later.