Month: June 2005

  • Celebrity Journalism

    I’m not a big fan of celebrity journalism but I’ve been thinking about Tom Cruise and his Scientology bullshit. He got into a debate with Matt Lauer on the Today show Friday about psychiatry and scientology, and Matt Lauer tried to get on him about it, but wasn’t prepared enough to be able to make […]

  • Baseball

      We had another good night of baseball at the fields up by Fort Osage High School where Albert Pujols played as a teenager. Jacob’s team (the Gorillas) beat the Queen City Outlaws 19-4. Their record is now 8-3.Jake is the kid standing on the bench at the far end of the dugout.  

  • Mom’s Roses

    I haven’t had the gumption to post anything in a couple of months, but here’s another shot at it. This a picture of my Mom’s rosebush that I took last weekend when we were over there to celebrate my sister Vanessa’s 45th birthday. I just finished watching the DVD of “Field of Dreams” that I […]