Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprungSo why does it still feel like winter? It actually snowed for a few hours today. The temperature was in the upper 30’s so it melted as soon as hit the ground.
Baseball practice started last Friday, so we had a whole three-day gap between basketball season ending and baseball starting. The Gorillas are going with red, black, and white uniforms this year. 3 of our 4 regular pitchers aren’t coming back this year, so Jake may get a chance to try this year.
They’re playing the Jamie Foxx song “Slow Jams” on Hot103 at the moment. Great song. In the unlikely event that you are a regular visitor to my site, I’ll announce that the look of the site will be evolving over the next couple of weeks. I’m learning to use CSS and XHTML and as a project, I’m changing my geocities site and this blog use strict HTML and share a single external style sheet. Please let me know if the page looks crappy in your browser.

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