Life just isn’t fair

Jill watching the Last Lecture

I was cruising around StumbleUpon this evening and came across a video of a lecture that Douglas Adams gave at the University of California – Santa Barbara several years ago. It was a long video, so I got up in the middle to have a snack, and as I was walking back to my desk, I walked by my daughter Jill’s bedroom. She was just coming the end of Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture video.

This gave me pause and made me think. First, I thought, “Like father, like daughter. Nerdy little goofball is watching lecture videos on the Internet.” Second, it made me think how sad it is that some of best examples of humanity don’t get to live to old age. Douglas Adams and Randy Pausch are just two examples, and I don’t dare to start listing all the other fine people that died too young or I’ll be here all night.

Life just isn’t fair. We can try to bring some justice to our lives, and effect always seems to follow cause, and in the long-run sometimes karma will win out, but sometimes bad things happen to good people.

So what lesson am I supposed to take away from this? I guess the lesson is that I should try to be a good person, eat right, and exercise, but even then I could still get hit by a bus tomorrow. I will try to live a fuller life because I can never really know how much time I have left.

I think my first step will be to pay more attention to what’s going on around me and to try to appreciate what I have.

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