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  • Day 44 of fitness plan

    I skipped blogging for a couple of days. On Saturday, I took Ollie for a one-hour walk in the woods for exercise. On Sunday, I should have been running, but I took the day off. Now, I’m going to be doing my running on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and I’ll do the dog-walking on Sundays. […]

  • Day 41 of fitness plan

    I still can’t finish any of the workouts in week 3 of the push-up plan, so it looks like I’ll be repeating it next week. It might be easier if I weighed less, so maybe I should try a little harder to stick to my diet. Weight:281.5 pounds Exercise:Week 3 Day 3 of the […]

  • Day 40 of fitness plan

    I was supposed to do a 5-minute warm-up walk today followed by a 25-minute run, but I had to slow down and walk several times. I’m guessing maybe that the problem is that I waited until I got home from work today to go running, and I’m just tired from climbing the stairs at work […]

  • Day 39 of fitness plan

    I fell off the diet wagon again yesterday. I really thought the hardest part of this fitness plan would be the running, but that’s the easiest. The dieting is the hardest part. Weight:282.0 pounds Exercise:Week 3 Day 2 of the plan. 5 sets(10,12,8,7,1) Yesterday’s water:One 20-ounce bottles of tap water. Yesterday’s WW points:??

  • Day 38 of fitness plan

    I did my running workout today. I managed a couple of miles in 28 minutes. The treadmill in the garage is cold but it’s better than running outdoors in the snow. Weight:285.0 pounds Exercise:Week 6 Day 2 of the couch-to-5k plan Yesterday’s water:Two 20-ounce bottles of tap water. Yesterday’s WW points:37 (37 food points – […]

  • Day 37 of fitness plan

    I’m repeating week 3 of the push-up plan. I almost made it all the way through today’s workout, but my triceps gave in during the fifth set. Birthday weekend is over, so I’m getting back on my diet today. Weight:285.0 pounds Exercise:Week 3 Day 1 of the 5 sets(11,12,7,7,3) Yesterday’s water:One 20-ounce bottles of […]

  • Day 36 of fitness plan

    Either my scale is really messed up or I’ve gained 7.5 pounds in two days. Today is my last day of birthday celebrations. We’re going over to my parents today, so I’ll get back on the wagon tomorrow. Meanwhile, I’m hoping the scale is just wrong. I ran 1.9 miles today and it was pretty […]

  • Day 35 of fitness plan

    Birthday’s are hell on a person’s good health intentions. Weight:?? pounds. (forgot to weigh) Exercise:Day off from pushups and running. Took Ollie out for an hour long walk in the woods. There was no exertion involved at all. Yesterday’s water:Zero 20-ounce bottles of tap water. Yesterday’s WW points:?? (Skipped breakfast, ate lunch at Gates BBQ, […]

  • Day 34 of fitness plan

    I’ve fallen off the wagon diet-wise. I ate half of a Mexican pizza from Funhouse for dinner last night and had three donuts as a mid-afternoon snack. Today doesn’t look to be any better as it’s my birthday and I plan to go to Gates BBQ for my favorite meal: Turkey-on-bun(on bread) with fries. It […]

  • Day 33 of fitness plan

    I finally got to the day in my running plan where there isn’t any walking. Up until now, it’s been alternating sequences of walking and jogging, but today it was all jogging. I did 20 minutes with the treadmill set on 4.5 mph. For you math whizzes, that means that I ran 1.5 miles. By […]