Day 22 of fitness plan

first snow

It snowed last night as you can see from the picture. I ran on the treadmill today because of the snow. I got to watch a half-hour of the Karate Kid on AMC while I was at it. The odometer on the treadmill says that I went 1.75 miles. I seem to be making progress on this front.

However, I did the progress test for the plan also, but I only managed 10 pushups. I did 12 last week, so I’m getting worse. I think I’m going to have to repeat week 2 again.

As for my diet, I’m still not even attempting to eat right. That has got to stop or I’ll never get in shape. I’m not Michael Phelps. I can’t eat thousands of calories a day knowing that I’ll burn them off by exercising because I’m not going to be training for the Olympics. I need to stay under 2000 calories. No more just trying to do Weight Watchers one or two meals a day. I’m going to have to go back to it full-time.

Weight:285.5 pounds

Exercise:Week 4 Day 1 of the couch-to-5k plan. Push-up progress test: 10 push-ups.

Yesterday’s water:Two 1-liter bottles of tap water.

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