Day fourteen of fitness plan

walking the dog

Weight: 285.5 pounds. Holy crap! What happened? Actually, I know what happened. I ate out for lunch and dinner yesterday and didn’t even attempt to limit myself. I guess it’s time to take the next step. I already eat a healthy breakfast, so the next step would be to have a healthy mid-morning snack and a health lunch. Maybe in a week or two, I can expand it to health afternoon snack and a healthy dinner.

Exercise: It’s my off-day from both push-ups and running, so I took Ollie for a 30 minute walk. Jake went with me, and Michelle went with us for one lap around the block, but she got cold and went back in the house.

Yesterday’s breakfast: 6 Weight Watchers points. 1 cup All-Bran Strawberry Medley cereal, Half-cup skim milk, 1 banana.

Yesterday’s water:Two 1-liter bottles of tap water.

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