Happy Monday :(

I did Week 1, Day 1 of the hundred pushups program this morning. I didn’t do very well. I did five sets (6,6,4,4,1). The last set I was supposed to max out but do at least five. I only managed to do one. And the bathroom scales say that I weigh 280 pounds this morning. I didn’t do very well following Weight Watchers yesterday. Michelle and I went to a “celebration of life” which is sort of like a wake or a funeral, and they had a potluck buffet. I didn’t really pig out but I also didn’t try to count my points.

To make this post relevant to other people, I’ll guess I’ll make a point about the funeral. The funeral was for a gay friend of the family. His husband kept talking about the “holy union” that they had had 15 years ago in St. Louis. I kept wishing that he would just call it a wedding. For all intents and purposes, they were an old married couple. I figure that’s how to make gay marriage a legal reality. First you have to make it a reality of daily life in this country, and then it will become a legal reality. If gay people want to get married, they should go ahead and do it. A marriage in the legal sense is a contract between two people. The government has predefined the terms for straight people, but there is nothing that says gay people can’t make a contract between themselves. They can then call it a marriage even if the government won’t. Then eventually, the anti-gay-marriage laws will seem as archaic as the anti-miscegenation laws.

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