Three Interesting Things

Short post tonight: I just found three interesting things on the net tonight that I felt like sharing.

First, an interview with my favorite author, Neal Stephenson at provided an interesting quote on the nature of programming: “I think there are common threads between writing and programming. That’s a really easy statement for people to misunderstand and twist around so I’m a little leery of making it. All I’m saying is that the thing you’re making — the novel or the computer program — has got a very complicated and finely wrought hierarchical structure to it. The structure has to work right or the whole thing fails. But the only way you can work on it is by hitting one character at a time. You’re building this thing one character at a time while having to maintain the whole structure in your head. That description applies equally well to programming and novel writing even though they’re very different activities.”

Second, an article from National Review Online on the nature of stupidity and laziness. It starts out with a Jonathan Swift “A Modest Proposal” sort of feel to it that provoked some thought. It declines near the end, but I thought it was worth a read.

Third, an amusing quote from Lance Armstrong: “If there was a god, I’d still have both nuts.”

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