Day six of getting in shape

Fallling back to the wimp category allowed me to finish the Week 1, Day 3 workout of the plan but just barely. I did five sets of pushups (4,5,4,4,5) and I just barely managed to do the fifth pushup in the last set. Although the plan is six weeks long, I suspect that I’ll be forced to repeat some weeks because of failure to progress. I used to think I was in pretty good shape for my age, but boy was I wrong.

I weighed 280 pounds on the bathroom scale this morning. I’m starting to think I should weigh less often. The daily ups-and-downs mess with your mind. But then again, my mind is already plenty messed with.

I’m on vacation from work today. EDS has a use-it-or-lose-it policy on vacation days, so I’m taking random days off between now and the end of the year just so that my vacation days don’t go to waste as they have in years past. Next year, I’ll be up to 18 vacation days. I’ll have to try a little harder next year to spread those out. Maybe we’ll even have to go somewhere as a family next summer since we haven’t done that in a couple of years. I love going to see St. Louis so maybe we’ll do that if we only have a long weekend, otherwise, I’d like to try someplace new.

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