I lost the lottery

The PowerBall lottery jackpot was up over $200 million yesterday, so I bought $10 worth of tickets. That is totally irrational and I realize this, but it’s nice to dream sometimes.

I thought about what I would do if I actually won, and I realized that I would like to take up writing on a more regular basis. And then, of course, I realized that there is nothing stopping me now from writing more regularly.
For chrissakes, I’ve wanted to be a writer since my sophomore year of college, but year after year, I create excuses and I never get around to it.
Well, I only won $7 off my $10 of PowerBall tickets, but I decided to go ahead and start writing anyway. So, here’s what I hope will be the first in a long line of blog posts where I write something that someone else might actually read.
I don’t have a lot of time today to write anything lengthy or particularly worthwhile, but I swore I’d post something so here it is.
Tomorrow, I’ll post again, and then the day after, etc. Maybe one of these posts will be worth reading soon.