Day seven of fitness program

Weight: 279.5 pounds

Exercise: Took Ollie for a 25 minute walk around the neighborhood. It’s my off-day from both the pushups and the running.

We’ve had our English Setter, Ollie, for 10 years this month. He was a full-grown stray when we took him in. Michelle’s sister Billie found him outside of her work near Swope Park. He is somewhere between 11 ad 13 years old now according to the veterinarian’s guess about his age when we first took him for his shots.

He seems to be aging pretty well. He was like a puppy on our walk today. He was running all over the place sniffing and peeing. But he’s kind of like me: he’s losing some hair. He had a flea problem a couple of months ago that caused him to lick and chew at his skin until he had a bald patch on his lower back. We took care of the fleas but his hair isn’t growing back very well. I wonder if they make Rogaine for dogs.

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